Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations that apply to online bookings made by you with Fierce Residence via this website or per e-mail. By booking, you agree to the applicability of these terms and conditions on the agreement between you and Fierce Residence. Therefore, it is necessary to read these terms and conditions carefully. 

Contact details Fierce Residence

Your details
It is important to provide the correct and all relevant details to ensure a complete and timely execution of the agreement by Fierce Residence. You are responsible for the accuracy of the provided personal data for the booking. The data provided by you will be used in a manner mentioned in the privacy statement, which is available on this website.

Online bookings and agreement
Please note that all accommodations may apply different terms, rates and policies. It is highly advised to go through to the terms, and rates before you make an online booking. The agreement starts when Fierce Residence has sent a confirmation to the e-mail address specified by you.
An agreement arising from an offer which contains an obvious mistake, such as an unusually low price, is not binding upon Fierce Residence. Please contact us when you are having doubts.

Price and payment
The price quoted when you make a reservation is the total price including taxes. The amount of tourist tax differs per municipality. The full payment must be paid before arrival unless agreed otherwise. For some accommodations a prepayment, or full payment is required at the time of making the reservation. A deposit could be required as well. Any other charges for additional services will be charged during your stay, or at departure. Debit and credit cards are valid payment methods.

Arrival and departure
Upon arrival you must comply with the house rules of the selected residence. When you are delayed you must contact Fierce Residence to inform us on your delay. If you are delayed beyond the arrival day, you may be charged for a full rental day.

Cancellation or modification
If you would like to cancel your reservation, please contact us at hello@fierceresidence.com as soon as possible. Include your name, booking number, arrival and departure date, and your phone number in the e-mail. Cancellation fees could be charged depending on your type of booking and reason for cancellation.
If you wish to modify the dates of your reservation, Fierce Residence will check whether it is possible to comply with your request. This cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the availability but we will always try to manage your expectations. If the selected residence is unavailable, the cancellation policy will apply.

Any damage to your personal belongings kept at the residence is at own risk. Fierce Residence is not responsible for loss or damages to your goods.
You are responsible to any damage to the residence or its contents during your stay, which occurred due to negligence, bad decision making, irresponsible behavior of you, or the persons who are staying with you as well as your guests. Damages must immediately be reported before your departure at hello@fierceresidence.com. Damages will be charged to you.

House rules
It is not allowed to enter/stay at the residence with more people than indicated in your booking;
Subletting the residence is not accepted;
You are responsible for the correct and decent behavior of all the persons who are at the residence;
Parties, smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited. Smoking outside is allowed;
You agree to respect the house rules and to take good care of the residence and leave the residence in a tidy and clean condition.
Breaking any of the above rules will result in high penalties.

Force Majeure
In this Agreement the term force majeure is understood to mean: prevention of fulfillment of the agreement as a result of any circumstance which is independent of the will of the Fierce Residence or you, as a result of which performance of the contract cannot reasonably be required, whether temporarily or permanently. Examples are explosion, embargo, uprising, riot, war (whether or not declared), natural disasters (including storm) and flood.
In the event of force majeure, performance of the agreement shall be suspended.
In case of force majeure the Parties shall inform one another as soon as possible in writing of the nature of the force majeure, the date on which the force majeure situation starts or started and, if possible, the expected duration.
Fierce Residences will do the most to manage your expectations. In some events it is impossible to access the residence due to unexpected situations. An example is a change in local laws and/or regulations which may have an effect on access to the residence.
If such event occurs, Fierce Residence will contact you as soon as possible, and inform you on the relocation, if possible, or refund your payment. Fierce Residence is not responsible for the change in local laws and/or regulations, and will therefore not be charged apart from the refunding.

Changes to these terms and conditions
These terms and conditions may change. You are advised to check on a regular basis if the terms and conditions have changed. Any changes do not apply to bookings that were made before the date of change. These terms and conditions were last changed on May, 26th, 2023.

Fierce Residences aims to deliver the best and most exclusive quality regarding its services. Should you have any concerns or complaints, please reach out to us:

E-mail: hello@fierceresidence.com

Applicable Law
Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions and to the agreements between you and Fierce Residence.